It all began from the time I could hold a pencil, I remember sitting in the kitchen while my Nonna did the dishes. I would draw for hours on the back of recycled advertisements. This is when I fell in love with creating. I realized that art allows you to travel into a new world, one that I couldn't possibly live without. I kindled this love by going to Laguna College of Art and Design where I earned my BFA in Illustration.

I love the feel of paint. The consistency, the layers of color, the texture. For me art is about exploration. I approach each piece with the intention to learn something new about my medium and myself along the way. 

My camera is always with me. I'm inspired by love and nature in everything I do. I love paper, patterns and symmetry. Sometimes I paint with my hands. When I am sad I like to sing loudly (I also do this when I'm happy).

I truly believe that with love everything is possible.